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Livestock Publications Council

Code of Ethics

  1. Preamble — As livestock communications media – magazines, newspapers, newsletters, bulletins and kindred publications, both domestic and international – and allied firms and individuals serving the livestock industry, we are bonded in the LIVESTOCK PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL for furtherance of professional fellowship, common interests and objectives. As owners, managers and/or personnel of communications media and affiliates we recognize industry and public trust responsibilities. Specifically, the maintenance, protection and advancement of our enterprises in service of the livestock industry. This explicitly includes our moral obligation to respect the enterprises of each other, the subjects and persons written about, the advertisers served, the readers to whom we provide information and to the public at large. Therefore, individually and collectively, we subscribe and pledge to uphold standards set forth in this Code of Ethics.

  2. Individual Rights — As individuals and with our media we support and defend the governing documents of our respective countries, being particularly mindful of our individual rights and attendant responsibilities as active participants in the livestock industry, and as communications representatives thereof.

  3. Objectivity and Accuracy — Our goal will always be objectivity and accuracy in writings, clearly labeling personal opinions as such. Errors of significance will be promptly corrected when called to attention.

  4. Fairness — Respect for the dignity, privacy and rights of all persons will be foremost in our conduct and writings. Publication of unofficial charges impugning the reputation or character of persons will be avoided. Should it occur, we will actively seek and publish responses from the persons so impugned. We will take care that headlines accurately epitomize accompanying articles.

  5. Good Taste — We will strive for a level of taste and propriety consistent with the standards of our readership. And we will avoid reporting details serving no useful purpose or harming individuals in any way.

  6. Advertisers — We will not knowingly misrepresent the circulation of our publications to advertisers, potential advertisers, their agents or representatives.

  7. Professional Conduct — We recognize the imperativeness of being free of obligation to any interest other than that of our publications and the right of our readers to be informed. Therefore, we will spurn any gifts or favors that, in the minds of reasonable persons, would compromise our responsibilities.

  8.  Pledge — We pledge ourselves to abide by and to help enforce this Code of Ethics, and to professional disassociation from colleagues knowingly, willfully and consistently violating the standards set forth.