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LPC Best of the Bunch Photo Contest during Ag Media Summit
- Monday 23rd of July 2012 04:59 PM

Get your cameras out and start snapping away or find that winning photo in your files because it’s time for the Best of the Bunch Photo Contest! Held each year during the Agricultural Media Summit it is named after Paul Andre, retired editor of BEEF magazine and long time coordinator of this contest. Cash prizes are awarded!

Rules...Read carefully!
Photo Submissions
1) Enter each photograph in one of four categories:
a) Livestock
b) Livestock industry people
c) Livestock scenic (such as a landscape)
d) General (the sky’s the limit!)
2) The photo contest committee reserves the right to reassign entries to appropriate category, if necessary.
3) All photographs must be mounted on lightweight stock. Minimum size for entry is 8”x10” to 10”x12”. With the mounting, the maximum size of an entry can be no more than 10”x14”.
4) All photos must be identified with your name, affiliation and category. This should be typed or printed on white paper and affixed to the back of each photo. Unidentified photos will be disqualified.
5) All photos must ALSO be submitted digitally for use in the slideshow presentation of winners, along with your headshot.
6) There is no limit to the number of entries you may enter.
7) There will be a small entry fee ($5 per photo) but we have added larger cash prizes.
8) Entries will be taken until 9 a.m., Monday, August 6 at the registration desk. (AMY - CHANGING THE TIME ON THIS -- IS THAT OK? Sure, why not?)
9) You may enter without attending the Summit but contestants are responsible for making arrangements in getting their photo(s) returned.
1) All entries must be original un-retouched photos.
2) Those entering photos must work for a member publication of LPC (name must appear in the masthead) or be a service member of LPC. Student members of LPC are also eligible to enter.
3) Any photograph that has won a division in the Best of the Bunch contest previously is not eligible for entry.
Winning Photos
1) Each category will pay $100/first; $50/second; $25/third.
2) The LPC Executive Committee has the discretion to select the directory cover photo from the winners of each category.
3) The winner of the “Best of the Bunch” will receive a canvas print of their winning entry.
General Information
1) LPC retains the right to use any of the photos submitted in the Best of the Bunch Photo Contest for publishing in print or on the web.
2) ALL entries will go on the LPC web site and remain on there for one year with your name attached to the entry. We feel that this is a way of "advertising" for your photo(s) and then it's also like an online "portfolio" for you.

For more information or questions contact Chairman Amy Bader, at

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